How To Overcome Face Blushing


How To Overcome Your Face Blushing

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-Look I’m not gonna tell you that it’s easy problem but you have to do what I’m telling you and fuck every other typical methods and answers about your blushing issue cause it’s waste of time and always has been.

-First Step: fuck your fears, you will wonder how ? I will tell you how I know you got bored from this situation and you want a real help but the cyber shit won’t help so start with a pen and notebook and write down your targets not your wishes, write what you want and why and after that move on.

-Second Step: Actions 90% of people don’t heal because they keep talking about it between themselves instead of making actions so you have to start interacting.

-I will explain later but you have to use some specific methods of thinking by telling your self how worse cloud it gets and start challenge the problem not skip with bullshit excuses.

-I think face blushing one of the irritable problems that keeps us uncomfortable in our social life so start with unfamiliar place or far place where nobody knows you and start to deal with the rejection and the fear , day after day your fear will vanish and in order to do that you have to interact and talk more than you think.

- So go talk and feel free to get all kind of blushing and shit feelings cause nobody knows you so be crazy after a while you gonna like it believe me.

-Third step : put a schedule or program like 60 days and everyday an hour hanging around alone in total strange area talking to random girls guys what every the reason is, don’t tell me I can’t or am I Kidding you and if you think that, i want you to ask your self one question are you happy now with your situation.

- Always use what every phrase or either be comfortable or die trying inside your head.

- Real Reasons why anyone used to or still having this face blushing issue :

-You think everyone knows you or the moment you blushing you think that everyone know what goes on your mind and your problem your doubts and your weakness points about you private life I mean what you’ve been through with your family or EX Girlfriend or Boyfriend  and your failure experience with them so our minds has been systematic to reveals our fears of facing other people and fear of fail because we didn’t train will or because we had tough experience with someone and having negative thoughts or unsupported family raising or have to many pressure from life and thinking to much about the future.

- Comparing Problem: 80% of “comparing problems” has been created by parents who keep comparing their children with other, so you start to feel less where our mind automatically programming our subconscious to think that way, then you start to compare your self with the others when you are so much batter than them and have wonderful unknown skills because you didn’t give your self a shoot to know who you are or what you good at.

- Weak social interaction , who have face blushing used to avoid people, so naturally he’s socially weak.

-You are afraid from people judges and opinions, so you always have a constant fear and that’s when you have to say they gonna talk either way so I’m gonna be me and let the shit happens what so ever.

- Eventually you will end up following the program in positive good mode because everything in this life is an experience once you try several time once you used to it.

-Summary : fuck your fears, thoughts, doubts and pre-thinking, and make actions and fail, it’s not something to make your self a shame of it as long as it’s gonna make you feel better.

-Strongly Advised : try to get independent house away from your family or the people who criticize you or judge all the time.

Finally be crazy be comfortable be you be happy.


-Practice confident-